Procédé et dispositif de codage et décodage de couche physique de l'ethernet

Encoding and decoding methods and apparatuses of ethernet physical layer

Codierungs- und decodierungsverfahren sowie vorrichtungen für ethernet-pl


The present invention discloses encoding and decoding methods and apparatuses of an Ethernet physical layer, where the methods and apparatuses relate to the field of communications technologies and are used to increase encoding/decoding efficiency and flexibility of selecting a length of a to-be-encoded/decoded information group. The encoding method provided by the present invention includes: determining a to-be-encoded first information group, where the first information group includes m characters, m≥2, and m is an integer, where a character attribute of any character is a data character, a boundary character, or a third-type character, and one character occupies one byte; detecting a character attribute of each character in the first information group; if the first information group includes n boundary characters, where n≥1, and n is an integer, deleting the n boundary characters, and generating a second information group by using a character, except the n boundary characters, in the first information group, and type information and position information that are of the n boundary characters, where the second information group includes m bytes; and adding header information to the second information group.




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