Makeup-unterstützungsvorrichtung, makeup-unterstützungsverfahren und makeup-unterstützungsprogramm

Dispositif d'aide de maquillage, procédé d'aide de maquillage et programme d'aide de maquillage

Makeup support device, makeup support method, and makeup support program


The purpose of the present invention is to provide a makeup support device capable of appropriately supporting the application of makeup even for users who have insufficient makeup skills. The makeup support device (100) has: a makeup style selection unit (250) that selects a makeup style being a makeup method, for each face to be made up; and a makeup style suggestion unit (260) that causes pigment corresponding to the selected makeup style to be supported on the surface of a sheet capable of being adhered for long periods to facial skin, on the opposite side to the side adhered to the skin.




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