Signal processing device, signal processing method, and signal processing program

Signalverarbeitungsvorrichtung, signalverarbeitungsverfahren und signalverarbeitungsprogramm

Dispositif de traitement de signal, procédé de traitement de signal, et programme de traitement de signal


This invention provides a signal processing apparatus for changing an input sound into an easy-to-hear sound. The signal processing apparatus includes a transformer that transforms an input signal into an amplitude component signal in a frequency domain, a stationary component estimator that estimates a stationary component signal having a frequency spectrum with a stationary characteristic based on the amplitude component signal in the frequency domain, a replacement unit that generates a new amplitude component signal using the amplitude component signal obtained by the transformer and the stationary component signal, and replaces the amplitude component signal by the new amplitude component signal, and an inverse transformer that inversely transforms the new amplitude component signal into an enhanced signal.




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