Component-embedded substrate and manufacturing method for same

In eine komponente eingebettetes substrat und verfahren zur herstellung davon

Substrat intégré dans un composant et son procédé de fabrication


A device embedded substrate (1) includes: an insulating layer (3); a first metal layer (4) and a second metal layer (5) that are formed such that the insulating layer (3) is sandwiched therebetween; a device (2) that is embedded in the insulating layer (3), and in which a connection terminal non-formation surface (2c) where a connection terminal (2a) is not formed is located on a side close to the first metal layer (4); an adhesive layer (6) that is located on the connection terminal non-formation surface (2c) of the device (2); and a conductive via (7) that electrically connects the second metal layer (5) and the connection terminal (2a) of the device (2), wherein an area of the adhesive layer (6) on a surface side in contact with the device (2) is smaller than an area of the connection terminal non-formation surface (2c) of the device (2).




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