Kanalmessungsverfahren, endgerätevorrichtung und basisstation

Procédé de mesure de canal, dispositif terminal et station de base

Channel measurement method, terminal device and base station


The present invention discloses a channel measurement method, including: acquiring first channel information, where the first channel information includes one or more of the following information: first channel state information (CSI) of a first channel, and first measurement configuration information used for measuring the first channel (S110); receiving second measurement configuration information sent by a base station and used for measuring a second channel (S120), and measuring the second channel according to the first channel information and the second measurement configuration information, to obtain second CSI (S130). The present invention further discloses a terminal device and a base station. Subsets of a channel state information-reference signal pattern (CSI-RS pattern) of a whole antenna and a CSI-RS pattern of a partial antenna are configured and feedbacks to quality information of a whole channel and quality information of a partial channel are combined, so that not only signaling is reduced but also feedback accuracy is improved.




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