Polycarbonatmodifizierte acrylharzbeschichtung und damit überzogene kunststoffformmasse

Résine acrylique modifiée par un polycarbonate, revêtement, et objet moulé en plastique revêtu dudit revêtement

Polycarbonate-modified acrylic resin, coating, and plastic molding coated with said coating


Provided is a polycarbonate-modified acrylic resin obtained by reacting an unsaturated monomer mixture (B), which contains, as essential components, methyl methacrylate, an unsaturated monomer (b1) having a hydroxyl group, an unsaturated monomer (b2) having a carboxyl group, and an unsaturated monomer (b3) having an alkyl group of 2 to 8 carbon atoms, in the presence of a polycarbonate diol (A) which is produced using 1,5-pentanediol and 1,6-hexanediol as starting materials, characterized in that the mass ratio of the unsaturated monomer (b2) in the unsaturated monomer mixture (B) is in the range of 0.1% to 1.6% by mass. The polycarbonate-modified acrylic resin has high adhesion to a plastic substrate and is capable of forming a coating film having excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, feel, and appearance. Therefore, the polycarbonate-modified acrylic resin can be suitably used for a coating.




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