Method and computer program product for controlling anaerobic codigesters

Procédé et produit-programme informatique permettant la commande de systèmes de co-digestion anaérobie

Verfahren und computerprogrammprodukt zur steuerung anaerober codigester


The invention relates to a method and a computer program product for controlling anaerobic codigesters. The anaerobic codigestion of multiple substrates improves the production of methane and the quality of the gas and the digested product if the complementary characteristics of the different waste products are used appropriately. To this end, an optimum mixture must be defined, which maximises the conversion of COD to methane without causing destabilisation in the digester. The invention proposes a control strategy which calculates the optimum mixture of the supply by means of optimisation by linear programming, and maintains the stability of the system by following a physical-chemical parameter of the process (alkalinity ratio).




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