Intelligenter bioimpedanzsensor für biomedizinische anwendungen

Capteur intelligent de bioimpédance pour des applications biomédicales

Intelligent bioimpedance sensor for biomedical applications


The invention relates to an intelligent bioimpedance sensor for biomedical applications, which can carry out bioimpedance measurements in a plurality of configurable frequencies, process data in order to obtain the modulus and the phase of the bioimpedance (or real and imaginary part of the bioimpedance) in each of the frequencies, and wirelessly transmit the results of the processing, configured by means of a device that is in contact with the biological means to be measured by means of a series of electrodes in such a way that the device injects electrical current, via said electrodes, into the biological means, in the different frequencies, and measures the tension generated by the circulation of said current based on the joint operation of various subsystems.




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