Procédé, dispositif et terminal de traitement d'image

Image processing method, device and terminal

Bildverarbeitungsverfahren, vorrichtung und endgerät


The present invention relates to the field of image applications, and discloses an image processing method and apparatus, and a terminal, to resolve a technical problem of a "ghost" generated when multiple frames of low-resolution images are being fused to generate a high-resolution image in the prior art. The method is applied to a terminal that includes a first camera lens and a second camera lens, where the first camera lens and the second camera lens are located on a same side of the terminal. The method includes: obtaining a first image that is captured by the first camera lens and is about a first area, and a second image that is captured at a same moment by the second camera lens and is about a second area; performing translation compensation on the second image by using the first image as a reference image; and fusing the first image and the second image that is obtained after translation compensation is performed, to generate a third image, where a resolution of the third image is higher than a resolution of the first image and a resolution of the second image.




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