Insert attachment mechanism, rotary cutting tool, tool body, wedge member, and adjustment member

Einsatzbefestigungsmechanismus, rotierendes schneidwerkzeug, werkzeugkörper, keilelement und regulierungselement

Mécanisme de fixation d'insert, outil de coupe rotatif, corps d'outil, élément cale, et élément de réglage


The present invention relates to an insert attachment mechanism (100) for detachably attaching a cutting insert (2) to an insert attachment part (21) of a tool body (3). The insert attachment mechanism comprises an adjustment member (30) and a wedge member (10). The adjustment member (30) is arranged on an inner side of the cutting inset so as to act on the cutting insert in the insert attachment part. The adjustment member is advanceable and retractable in a direction of the central axis of a screw member (40) by rotating the screw member. The wedge member is arranged together with the cutting insert on the outer side of the adjustment member in the insert attachment part and attached so as to exert a pressing force against the cutting insert and an inner wall surface of the insert attachment part. The wedge member (10) is configured such that the screw member (40) is accessible from the outer side of the wedge member (10).




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